Welcome to Olav and Bjørn's bird website.

We are a father and son team who find it very rewarding to enjoy the landscape and photograph birds. This website is a presentation of the bird photos we consider among the best of each species.

NB! Our website is designed in 1024 x 768 resolution. If you use a smaller screen resolution, the images of each bird may move down. A simple solution is to hold the "ctrl" button while rolling slightly on the mouse to change the resolution.

The summer of 300 species!
During the summer of 2012, both Bjørn and Olav have seen 300 different bird species in Norway. A measure Bjørn had only hoped to reach during the complete year. We speculate that he is probably the youngest person in Norway who has reached 300 species. Not bad!

Finnmark - North of Norway
Our large excursion during summer 2012 was to Finnmark and northern Norway. There was stunning scenery and a bird fauna that we are not used to here in Rogaland. In Finnmark we traveled with Morten Kersbergen and Bjørn-Tore Rekved Seim and received a lot of help on the trip. The result was many new species and many beautiful images.

Last updates.
The pictures and links placed on the start-page are always our latest updates.

About us
We live in Tananger and view birds primarily in our own county. For us bird-watching is an integrated part of everyday life. When we get messages about rare birds in the area, we try to reach it if this suits us, but we are careful not to prioritize bird-watching above everything else.

Our camera equipment started out small and has gradually developed. The interest was aroused when I (Olav) got my first digital camcorder. That opened up opportunities regarding picture selection and species data. After wearing out several video cameras; it was time for the Canon EOS 350D. A new world thus opened. In order to identify and photograph at distance, we then bought a Nikon Fieldscope ED III A with Coolpix for digiskoping. This helped us a lot. In 2008 we acquired a Canon 300mm f4 with 1.4x extender. I then purchased a EOS D50 in 2009, and in the summer 2012, I bought the 7D that I presently use. In 2011 Bjørn had his confirmation, for him it was quite natural to invest the money he was given into photo equipment, so he as also purchased a Canon 7D with the same 300mm and extender as his father.


We highly recommend the website - artsobservasjoner.no/fugler. It contains a fantastic reports database of sightings from all over the country (Norway). Here one can follow up to date sightings, and you can research the whereabouts of different bird species. There are many lists of observations and observers' check lists.

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