My bird photos
I am Norwegian, and my website is build up in Norwegian. I have made notes on some of the pages to try to help English-speaking viewers. I hope you will find this site interesting and will visit it often.

On this website all the images of birds are photographed by me; some are not so good, whilst others are better. I believe that a bad picture is better than no picture, and this gives an opportunity to take a better photo later on. To increase the quality of the latest picture of a bird gives me a good feeling. Bird watching is an enjoyable combination of experiencing nature, taking photos, and, completing the species checklist.

My website deals with birds I have seen in Norway. But I have included some pictures from abroad when the image quality is significantly better. However, this only applies to species I have seen and photographed in Norway.

pic Cappelen's field guide to birds here depicted, sorts birds by color code. During all the years I have been classifying bird images on a computer I have used Cappelen's color code. In the book the color classification is shown to the right and this website follows the same template.

Alphabetically list
Here is an alphabetical list of birds I've seen, there is a link to a larger image. Here you find information about the English and Latin name of the bird, and where the picture is taken.

Alphabetically list

Unfortunately List Census does not work in Explorer, but works well in Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Operah.

The groups of birds
Blue group

Blue Group consists of birds that live in or near the water:
grebes, divers, fulmars, herons, swans, geese and ducks


Red group

Red Group consists of birds that feed on meat: eagles, falcons, hawks, owls,


Yellow group
Yellow Group consists of birds that we often encounter at lakes and along the coast: Moorhen, cranes, waders, skuas, gulls, terns and auks.


Grey group
Grey Group has no good real collective description, it is a miscellaneous collection. It consists of doves, woodpeckers, poultry birds, sailors, kingfisher


Green group
Green group consisting of passerine birds found in forest, brush and grass: larks, swallows, tits, thrushes birds, sparrows, finches, shrikes and crows.

I highly recommend the website - It contains a fantastic reports database of sightings from all over the country (Norway). Here one can follow up to date sightings, and you can research the whereabouts of different bird species. There are many lists of observations and observers' check lists.

Here is a link to the peerage

Here is a link to my location in the birdcheck list for 2013, when I had most crossings until now..

Here is my birdcheck list for all years.

About me
I am a family man, married, and have three children. I am a qualified teacher and musician. Playing the violin, has extensive experience as choir conductor. Today I work in the church of Tananger.

Christianity and science.
An area of interest that I have and that I think is very interesting is Christianity and science. I think God is the one behind the marvels that we can experience in nature. I believe God created the physical and biological laws things work for, but I do not think evolution laws are among those God-given patterns. I think that there should be greater faith for to believe that everything was made by evolutionary mechanisms, but to believe that an omnipotent God created everything. Also my great moments in nature with the wonderful birds convinces me that it is not accidental that it was so.

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